Moira Kelly Net


With deepest regrets, this website will be closing in March 2018. 
I would like to thank everyone for the last 21 years of your support.
I have met a lot of wonderful people through Moira's Website over the years.
Some of you have met Moira and have said how wonderful of a person she is
and others have talked about her great acting style.  She is a wonderful person
and hoping the best luck to her and all of her fans.  She has been a big inspiration
to many people.

The main reason for the closure of the website is because I cannot give the dedication
that her website truely deserves.  Many other websites on the internet are doing
a great job at keeping up to date on her projects as well as finding previous photos
and articles.  One of my favorite webmasters has a website at
Please visit her website and hope you enjoy the content!


Chip G
MoiraKelly.Net Webmaster
20 March 2018