By Marilyn Beck and Stacey Jenel Smith

HER WAY: “One Tree Hill” regular Moira Kelly says when the popular prime-time soap returns next fall, she’d like a return to some of the things that made it great the first season. “I would love to see the basketball element come back because I think that was such a major draw for the show,” says Kelly, who plays single mom Karen Roe on the WB series.

The show, which shoots in Wilmington, N.C., has wrapped for this season, but she notes, “They did build a big gymnasium set for next year, so I think they’re planning on bringing more of the basketball back.”

As “One Tree Hill” fans know, Kelly’s character got a new boyfriend this year, but she’s still pining for her former love, Keith (Craig Sheffer). Next season, Kelly says, “I would like to see Karen get away from being so confused in her relationship and get a little more backbone when it comes to love.”