Happy 50th Birthday Moira

Happy 50th birthday to a wonderful actress today! Hope your birthday is full of love and happiness!

Happy 2018

Happy 2017 to all! Hope your holidays were wonderful! Just wanted to post a quick message saying we are still here! Hope to see more of Moira soon! So far nothing new in the news about any upcoming movies or TV.

Happy 49th Birthday Moira

We are wishing Moira a Happy 49th Birthday today!

Welcome to the New Website

Pardon our dust. It’s been a long time since I’ve updated Moira’s Website but as we are nearing 20 years, I thought it would be nice to refresh it with current website technology. The website layout is much cleaner and less “unless” graphics that will help you load the website faster on mobile devices.

Deadly Sorority – New Release

Looks like Moira was cast as Professor Amy Thomas in a French film named Deadly Sorority. Movie was released on April 3, 2017. For information visit IMDB website.